“Patterns of the Days”. Etching and enamel by Oksana Stratiychuk

The opening of the exhibition of etchings and enamels by Oksana Stratiychuk “Patterns of the Days” will be held on April, 17 at the “Chocolate House” at 18.00. The exhibition will feature etchings and enamels of the recent years.

The presentation of the new catalogue of etchings made by Oksana in 2009–2014 years will be held during the opening.

The exhibition will be open from April, 17 to May, 17 at the “Chocolate House” department of The National Museum of Russian Art (Kyiv, Shovkovychna str, 17/2). The exhibition is open for visitors from 10.00 to 18.00 every day except Monday and Thursday.

Reclining model
Enamel, 19×33, 2015

Enamel, 31×24, 2015

Reflection II
Enamel, 42×49, 2015

Enamel, 61×12, 2014

Enamel, 30×18, 2014

Gliding Drake
Etching, watercolor, 24×85, 2014

Sitting Model
Enamel, 32×23, 2014

Carpet: Ivy
Etching, watercolor, 66×96, 2014

Morning Still Life I
Enamel, 32×25, 2014

Morning Still Life II
Enamel, 32×25, 2014

Palm Tree
Enamel, 52×10, 2014

Etching, watercolor, 85×66, 2014

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